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How to Build a Waterproof Custom Tile Bath and Shower

Updated: Mar 9

First of all, there is no cheap way to build a Custom Tile Bath or Shower. So, this article is assuming you are not looking to save money, but rather is assuming you are looking for the best products and methods for building a Custom Tile Bath or Shower.

Custom Tile Baths and Shower's are the only way to get the best quality Bath or Shower with a luxurious finish and feel that will last a lifetime. But which products to use to ensure a waterproof finish that will also last a lifetime? That's the question.

First of all, if you haven't heard of them yet, I would check out The Tile Shop. They have the widest variety of tile and the best products on the market for building a 100% waterproof Custom Tile Bath or Shower.

You may or may not have heard of the brand Schluter. They are a german company that produces waterproofing materials for custom tile baths and showers. Many contractors swear by these products. We don't. They are good, but they require some extra work and materials that are entirely unecessary compared to the Wedi System products sold at The Tile Shop.

The price for materials is relatively the same as Schluter, but you aren't limited with the kind of mortar you can use and you can use specialized Wedi Caulk to waterproof the joints instead of having to use concrete and waterproofing seam tape, cutting down on the amount of time the whole project takes.

Whereas Schluter creates a waterproof membrane that covers the waterproof side of their wall boards, Wedi makes their entire board waterproof all the way through, not only providing better and longer term protection, but allowing you to seal the joints with caulk nicely and quickly and easily, rather than having to go through the extra work of applying seam tape and concrete.

Furthermore, the Wedi Boards are designed to hold onto Mortar better creating a longer lasting finish. Finally, at The Tile Shop, they also sell Ardex Brand water resistant Mortar you can use for your Custom Tile Bath or Shower project, as well as water repellant grout that requires no additives and no maintenance for its entire life.

If you are installing a bath, I would still recommend using a PVC bath liner, and only folding at the corners (not cutting and glueing like the directions recommend) in order to ensure water will never leak for the life of the bath. Wedi Systems warranty their products for the life of the bath even without a PVC liner, but you can never have too much waterproofing protection.

Are you ready to hire a Contractor to build you a new Custom Tile Bath or Shower? Give us a call now to schedule your Consultation!


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