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IMPORTANT!  Please Read Before Scheduling Your Appointment.

Please Do Not Schedule An Appointment For Today.  It will have to be rescheduled.

While the First Appointment is always Free, we do Charge for our Detailed Estimates and Design Work if needed.  The cost is typically $300 per project estimate and $300 per project design plans.


Small, simple projects are always FREE.  

Large Additions or Custom Home Builds require a Pre-Production Contract for the large amount of work they involve to estimate and design.  


All Estimate and Design Fees will become your Deposit on the Contract if you choose us as your Contractor, and will be subtracted from the total value of the Estimate, essentially making it a Free Estimate if you choose to go with us.

We do give Free Ballpark estimates for everything except Large Additions and Custom Home Builds at the end of your first appointment if you are still in the planning phase and are not yet ready to begin.

For more information, please see Our Sales Process at

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