Our Story

My father started David Harris Painting in 1982.  His dedication to producing High Quality Results at a Fair Price instilled the same discipline into me.  After I started working for my father in 2012, I wanted to do more than just painting.  I had more skills to offer, and I wanted to serve in those capacities as well.

In 2018, my Father abruptly decided to retire due to a number of good reasons.  He is now living his dream as a Musical Worshiper and Minister of God, serving in the capacity that makes him happiest.  And for that, I am grateful.

When I took over the company, I first decided to stick to painting and restorations, since that is what I already knew best how to estimate and deal with.  I already had too much on my plate learning how to estimate jobs, act in a sales capacity which was entirely new to me, and run the business.  So, I wasn't prepared for the extra learning curves of estimating work I wasn't familiar with.

However, since then I have made friends with some very good people in the industry, all who have the same principles I do: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Master Quality, Excellent Customer Service, Cleanliness, and genuine Respect for our Customers.

When I first decided to begin marketing with Houzz.com, I was expecting the same old routine of getting painting and restoration leads and continuing along what I was already doing.

Instead, what happened, is I began getting a lot of big remodel, renovation and addition leads, which I at first ignored and complained about.  But they kept coming in, one after the other for a few months.  

So, finally, it occurred to me that I know enough people in the industry that I already work closely with from time to time, so why don't we all just work together on these bigger projects?

Around this same time, I began to realize the limitations of working for the lowest bid.  We were already a great team of Master Tradesmen and we already provided a lot more value than our competitors, so we decided it was time to up our game.

In order to increase our prices to what we are actually worth, we had to find ways and means of increasing the value we provide even more.  But this became necessary because in the end, if we wish to continue serving our community in the capacity and quality that we are proud of, we needed to make it more economical.

Master Tradesmen are not willing to work for the same low wages that your typical Contractor pays.  In order for us to provide you with Master Tradesmen, we have to pay them accordingly.

However, in order for us to justify the increased cost, we have to provide you with more than just Master Quality Workmanship and Great Customer Service.

So, we rolled out what we call our Red Carpet and White Glove Service.  Red Carpet means we go Above and Beyond on Everything!  We show the utmost Respect for you, your family, your pets, and your property.  We protect the floors from damage and dirt, we protect non-project area's from dust, we protect your furniture.  We treat your property as though it is yours, not ours.  Our goal is to respect your property more than you do.

As soon as we are able, we plan on buying and setting up temporary camera's in the project area's to keep an eye on everyone we have working in your house, making everyone accountable to their actions, with evidence to protect everyone.

Our White Glove Service means that we will keep your home and all project area's as clean as possible throughout the job, and make sure your home is cleaner at the end of the job than it was at the beginning.

Like you, we believe that you get what you pay for.  When you choose Harris Home Improvement, you are choosing Peace of Mind not having to manage every detail of the project yourself; you are choosing Above and Beyond Service; you are choosing Respect for you and yours; you are choosing the Highest Quality Workmanship, the Greatest Customer Service, and the cleanest finish to your project.

If you aren't satisfied by the end of the job, then keep the finish check!

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