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Thinking of hiring us for your next project?  Check out our previous projects to see how we do things and get an idea of the kind of results we achieve.

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Basement Renovation with Woodworking and Wainscoting 

This video is a show and tell of a Basement Renovation we did in Enfield Connecticut that required some challenging carpentry work, staining and urethanining, and wainscoting after their basement was flooded due a frozen septic backup.

How We Rebuilt these Concrete Footings for a Deck

This 16' by 30' deck was demolished by the customer.  The existing concrete footings were fine, but needed to have their heights lowered down to accomodate the new beams that will be installed on top.  Here's how we did it.

How We Built This 16' by 30' Deck Frame

This 16' by 30' deck was demolished by the customer.  We rebuilt it a bit differently than it was originaly built to bring it up to code and make it a lot stronger to last a lot longer. Here's how we did it.

Granby Deck Build Final Day

This isn't a How To video, but it shows off the finished product of the deck build featured above.

West Suffield Partial Bathroom Remodel

In this video, we show the before, during and after of this partial bathroom remodel we did in West Suffield, CT.  We also moved a door to a different location and replaced the door slab.

Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeover in Suffield, CT

This Customer needed a quick fix for their bathroom so they could sell their late father's house who passed away before finishing remodeling his bathroom.  This is what we did for them to keep costs as low as possible.  Entire project only took one week to complete.

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