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Vision Statement


The Pyramid style Organizational System creates more problems than it solves.  That's why Seth Harris has created a whole new Business Structure to continuously improve our ability to serve customers.


  Harris Home Improvement is the first business to implement the Metatocracy, an Organizational System based on Nature itself with a Service-to-Others based Philosophy that provides more rights and benefits to our Employees and, consequently, our Customers.  We firmly believe that by taking better care of our Employees, our Employees will, in turn, take better care of our Customers.


The Metatocracy implements the Holographic Mastermind Principle to help us continuously improve our ability to Serve our Customers better.  A Holographic Mastermind is a system of various layers of Masterminds all working together towards the overall goals of the whole.


Our Vision is to grow as a Home Improvement Business that evolves through the efforts of its Employees to provide higher quality products and workmanship with increasing economic sustainability.

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