Taking Care of Issues Before they Arise

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Problems have a way of creeping up on some projects. In some cases, there is nothing that can be done to prevent them from happening. But in many cases, problems can easily be prevented.

An example of a problem that cannot be prevented is say, discovering rotted sheathing underneath the siding of a house when replacing siding. When estimating a job like this, we know there is a possibility of this, but until it can be seen, it simply cannot be estimated. So, these kinds of things are what become Change Orders, or additions to Contracts.

An example of problems that can be prevented are things like making sure Customer Property doesn't get damaged, by not leaving ladders up against a house when no one is there, in case the wind blows it down; or not leaving a bucket of paint unsupervised in an area where someone can accidentally knock it over.

All it takes to prevent such kinds of accidents and problems is a little bit of common sense and the ability to pay attention to what you’re doing. Unfortunately, we all know just how rare common sense can be. That’s why we’ve developed systems to prevent as many accidents as possible.

Everything starts with the proper training. New employees work closely with our Master Tradesman before they are allowed to work on their own. I myself, will closely supervise new employees until I feel more comfortable with them. I even install temporary cameras to keep an eye on things when I’m not there, which also helps me to know where people need help improving.

It ends with rigorous protection systems for your property, such as putting Ram Board down on your floors to protect them, even in non-working area’s that we have to walk through; using nurse booties to prevent tracking dust and dirt around area’s we don’t normally walk through; setting up plastic doorways to prevent dust from traveling outside working area’s; even taking our shoe’s off during estimates when we enter your house.

When you choose Harris Home Improvement, you are choosing Peace of Mind.

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