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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

My father, David Harris, started as a Painter in the industry when he was just 18 years old. At 20 he started his own Painting Company, David Harris Painting.

He wasn't the brightest businessman in my own opinion, but his dedication to providing high quality workmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction kept him in business for more than 30 years.

I first started working for my father in 2012 as a minimum wage employee. After my first two years, my father "threw me into the lion's den" as a Subcontractor. It was a very difficult experience for me at first, as I had never had to handle so much responsibility before. Needless to say, this caused me to grow and mature quite rapidly.

By 2016, I had finally successfully convinced my father to branch out from painting. We already had to do a lot of Drywall work as painters, so we were familiar with that. We already had to do a lot of finish carpentry as painters, so we were familiar with that. And I happened to have some additional knowledge of carpentry and tiling from previous years in schooling, and I wanted to provide more services to our customers.

We finally started taking on larger Remodel and Renovation projects. It was a painful growth period. Estimating Remodel and Renovation projects is a lot more complicated than a simple paint job, or trim replacement. My father made a lot of mistakes that cost us a lot of money, and needless to say there was some internal conflict as a result.

Finally, in 2018 we faced our biggest mistake. We took on an Insurance Renovation project that went south half way through. The reason was due to our inexperience in working with an insurance claim on a property that was still mortgaged. The involvement of the Mortgage Company caused a lot of delays that we weren't prepared for, and this all happened in the dead of winter, during the slowest period of the year for Contractors. In the end, we had to walk off the job for non-payment, and had no money in the bank to work with.

It's a growing pain not unlike anything my father had ever experienced before. The difference this time was that he was older and his health was declining, and also, his son was now poised to take over the company. So, as a result of this latest growing pain he decided it was high time for him to retire and leave the company to me.

This was, once again, my father "throwing me into the lion's den." We were planning on a slow transition where he could train me in all the various details of sales and management, but instead he decided I would be just fine figuring it all out myself.

Fortunately, I thrive under that kind of pressure. However, in order for me to run the business, I had to cut back to what I was more familiar with. I couldn't learn how to run a business, manage a business, market a business, and do the accounting for the business, while studying business and tax law to maintain compliance for my business, while also figuring out how to estimate projects and excel in sales.

I had a lot on my plate, so I decided to go back to being a painting and restoration company until I got better at the business side of things. I knew how to estimate these projects with ease.

After 2 years running the business, I became much more familiar and comfortable with the business side of things. I also met some other really good people in the industry, Masters of the Trades, with the same High Standard Principles I have about Quality, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Transparency. People that I feel very comfortable putting into my customers homes. But I'm still not busy enough to hire them.

Nonetheless, it was at this point, mid 2019 that I decided to break back out into Full Scale Remodeling, Renovations and Additions. I had to do all the work myself because the only way to hire employees is make sure you have enough sales coming in to keep a minimum of 3 jobs going simultaneously.

Update: It is now 2021 heading into 2022 and I have finally broken into Commercial work and already I have lined up more customers than I can handle by myself for next year. I am finally looking forward to hiring good employees and expanding my company in early 2022.

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