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Updated: May 15, 2021

We are a breath of fresh air in the Home Improvement Industry. We aren't here to force your hand. We don't believe in High Pressure Sales Tactics. We believe that every customer is intelligent enough to make their own educated decisions once they are given all the information they need, and we do our best to provide our customers with all the information we can.

Once we give you your estimate, the ball is in your court. We won't bother you from there. It's up to you come to us when you are ready to move forward.

Every project is different. Some are more complex than others. More complex projects may require more appointments and discussions before the Estimate can be finished for you.

For example, if all you want is some interior painting work done, that is simple and easy. It requires about a 15 minute appointment and you can usually get your estimate the very next day, if not the same evening. On the other hand, a Kitchen Remodel project is large and complex and may require up to 3 or more 1-hour in person appointments to iron out all the details over the course of a couple weeks. Other things, like decks, require blueprints to be drawn up before the estimate can even be calculated.

Unlike most Contractors, we itemize each portion of the project for you so you can clearly see what each item costs. We do this not only for transparency purposes, but also so that you can make an executive decision to forego any parts of the project that don't fit into your budget.

We also separate the Labor from the Materials in our Estimates. Again, this is not only for transparency purposes, but also so that you know the difference between what you are paying us and what we are actually getting paid. This allows us to collect the Material Budget before hand so the project can flow more efficiently, and more easily separate the Labor we are getting paid for and making a profit from and the Materials that are necessary to complete the project for our own accounting purposes.

We believe that customers feel more comfortable knowing exactly what their money is being spent on and how it is being spent when it comes their projects. The larger the project, the more important this seems, as the more costly the project becomes.

However, some projects, especially Kitchen and Bath remodel projects, require the customer to purchase many certain materials themselves as there are simply too many options for the Contractor to choose that for you. These items will not be included in the estimate, or if they are, they will itemized in a way that reflects your responsibility to purchase those items yourself, rather than give that money to us to purchase those items for you.

Some things we would like you to keep in mind when comparing our estimates to other contractors are

  1. The clarity of the estimate. Does it make sense? Can you understand exactly what they mean about what is going to be done, how it is going to be done, and the materials that will be used to complete the project?

  2. The detail of the estimate. Does it contain enough details to inform you what it does NOT include? If not, this could cause problems down the line when it comes to additional work.

  3. Does the cost seem realistic? If it seems too low (and 90% of contractors will give a price that is too low because they are competing for the lowest price), chances are they are either planning on providing the lowest possible quality, or they are planning on up-charging you as soon as the project begins. If it seems to high (and this will be extremely rare and usually followed with one-sit close high pressure sales tactics) it is likely because they are trying to fool you and use you.

Our prices are set in the sweet spot between the average of the lowest bidding contractors and the average of the highest bidding contractors. This allows us to ensure that we can provide the highest quality workmanship for you at the most affordable value. It gives us the win-win-win scenario where our workers are making enough money to be comfortable taking the extra time on your projects to ensure high quality, allowing you to be satisfied with the work done without feeling buyers remorse, and allows our company to keep serving more customers with just enough profit.

We look forward to estimating your next project. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. (860) 817-7191

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